Assorted Bulk Candy Delivery Available in Belington, WV

Kaiser’s Coffee & Candy – Making Your Life Easier

Howe’s Candy Services From Kaiser’s

Kaiser’s Coffee and Candy offers a wide selection of chocolate candy, wrapped candy, and unwrapped candy for our customers. Now, in addition to ordering one type of candy, you can purchase an assortment of bulk candy by the pound. Buying candy as an assortment is convenient and gives you more of a selection without raising the price. Each client or customer enjoys different types of candy, and our assortment offers something for everyone. One of the other perks to buying assorted bulk candy is the price. Bulk candy purchases from Kaiser’s offer more bang for your buck. Contact us online, or call Kaiser’s Coffee and Candy at (304) 624-1552, for more information on getting bulk candy delivered to you.

Let Us Help You Throw Candy in Your Next Parade

Does your office participate in local community parades? If you do, Kaiser’s Coffee and Candy can make your parade preparation a little easier. Parade planning is hectic. Along with running a business and working all day, you still have to build your float, plan the attire, and coordinate schedules. Remember to contact Kaiser’s—we are the easiest part of your preparations!

Be the business that gives out the best candy during a parade. Let Kaiser’s Coffee & Candy help. Make your life easier and have your parade candy delivered right to your location. Along with hot beverages from our coffee service, we deliver candy, too. We can provide assorted bulk candy for your next parade delivered to you, without all the worries.

Belington, WV Businesses Show Some Hospitality to Clients

Here at Kaiser’s Coffee and Candy we want to make you look good. Banks, medical offices, and tire shops alike want to make customers feel welcome. An inviting atmosphere can help relax a waiting room or make waiting in line less stressful. One of the ways a business can show their customers a small piece of hospitality is with candy. For example, when you get that Dum-Dum Sucker in the bank drive through, you can relax because the child in the back seat is happy.

An assortment of bulk candy is simple to keep up with and has something for all taste buds, both big and small. Kaiser’s Coffee and Candy now offers the same delivery service for bulk candy as they do for the coffee services. Let Kaiser’s Coffee and Candy bring hospitality right to your front door. Call today for more information or to schedule your first delivery: (304) 624-1552.