Our Story – Joey & Melissa Kaiser

Owners of Kaiser’s Coffee & Candy Company

In the Beginning

For Joey and Melissa Kaiser, there was nothing better than seeing the faces of their customers and watching the sense of pleasure cross their faces while enjoying that first bite or sip. This dynamic duo first met when Joey was a cook and Melissa was a waitress at a local restaurant. As fate would have it, the Kaisers happened to be in the “right place at the right time.” After many distributors in the local area lost interest in providing quality service to area business in the early 1990s, the Kaisers decided to pick up the torch.

A Commitment to Superior Service

Joey and Melissa began distributing fine coffees and candies with a commitment to provide the finest products and a superior level of service at a competitive price – a philosophy that has only gotten stronger over the past 25 years. This family team was willing to do whatever it took to get their small business off the ground. Their impressive work ethic and willingness to go above and beyond continues to this day.

Our Simple Philosophy

Kaiser Coffee & Candy Company in Belington remains locally owned and operated by the Kaiser family. We like to keep it simple. Our focus is squarely on providing the freshest products with impeccable customer service. When you call, we answer. If you need help, we provide the solution. Our main goal is a happy customer!

Joey Kaiser
Kaiser’s Coffee & Candy

A Labor of Love

Joey Kaiser is a hard worker who is fully committed to serving the needs of his customers. Often rising before dawn to begin making deliveries throughout the company’s 12-county service area and retiring in the evening only after preparing the next day’s orders, his dedication to his customers is extraordinary. Around here, we often hear that everyone loves Joey, and the truth of the matter is that Joey truly cares for his customers, too. For him, delivering delicious coffees, teas, candies, and nuts is a labor of love:

“My favorite part of the business? Meeting people. Definitely meeting new people and getting to know each of my customers over the years. I have formed some really great relationships with my customers since I began this business. They make it all worthwhile. It’s all about service. I really do enjoy meeting their needs promptly. If they call me and have a question or require assistance, my goal is to respond right away. The same day. If that just isn’t possible, I prioritize the issue for the next day. I want them to truly understand that I’m here to take care of them. They put their faith in me and I want to make that meaningful.”

-Joey Kaiser

Commitment to the Local Community

Joey’s commitment to the community goes far beyond the deep concern he has for his own customers. His dedication encompasses the entire community. As a board member on the Barbour County Chamber of Commerce and a member of the National Federation of Independent Business (NFIB), Joey works to promote the interests of many local organizations and businesses in the area. His work includes advocating on behalf of the local small business community to help ensure they are best able to anticipate and meet the needs of the customers they serve, as well as promoting the growth and revitalization of the local area to make it a better place to live, work, and play.

When he’s not delivering the finest coffees, teas, and sweets, Joey enjoys spending his time outdoors and golfing with friends and family.

Melissa Kaiser
Kaiser’s Coffee & Candy

Bringing Integrity to Your Morning Coffee

Melissa Kaiser is a highly motivated entrepreneur, mom, sports enthusiast, athlete, and Health and Physical Education teacher at Bridgeport High School. With so much packed into her days, her busy work schedule demands a rigorous sense of personal discipline. Melissa’s strong sense of integrity and self-control in both her personal and professional life carries over into the family business, as well. When it comes to coffee, Melissa has a lot to say:

“As a health-conscious person, when I enjoy a cup of coffee it has to be high quality. For me, I find that drinking my morning coffee is a special, positive experience that centers me. It is almost what I would describe as a meditative practice. Over the years, I discovered that the cheaper brands gave me a headache, sometimes stomach discomfort, and just left me feeling sluggish. For me, those types of side effects and health implications from inferior and stale coffee beans were simply unacceptable and I just couldn’t promote that for our customers, either. We (Joey and I) spent a lot of time researching the origin and handling of the beans we offer through our company. If it isn’t something we would choose to enjoy ourselves, we are not going to be offering that coffee under our name.

Ultimately, we chose to work closely with two of the finest coffee importers and roasters in the United States, Ellis and George Howe. They are both family-owned companies whose commitment to integrity lines up with ours. Working with these great folks allows us to access the world’s finest coffee beans for our customers – roasted and ground as fresh as you can get them – and that is something that I am personally really grateful that we are able to offer to our customers: a rich, flavorful brew made with real, honest ingredients you can trust.”

-Melissa Kaiser

Happiness is (Sometimes) a Gummy Bear

Melissa’s life is devoted to promoting healthy, active lifestyles and empowering young people to make the best choices for their overall well-being. Her work with youth and young adults in Barbour County for more than 20 years has focused on moderation. She would like to remind us that coffee, tea, nuts, and even sweets can be part of any healthy, balanced diet as long as we pay attention to portion sizes.

Off the Beaten Path

On a personal level, the Kaiser Family holds Integrity, Dependability, and Loyalty paramount. As a service-oriented business, the family has discovered that while work comes first throughout the work week, a relationship-oriented approach is necessary to guide time away from work and nurture important family relationships. Joey and Melissa look forward to spending time with their daughter, Merida, and son, Josh, when their busy schedules provide the opportunity. Just as the Kaisers work hard throughout the week to help keep your team energized and inspired, they play hard on the weekends. You’ll find Joey and Melissa hiking trails and high mountain peaks throughout the year – often with a delicious travel mug of Kaiser’s coffee, trail mix, and candy in tow. If you see this adventurous duo out and about, be sure to say hello!